: A Great and Terrible Beauty (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy) ( ): Libba Bray: Books. Free summary and analysis of the events in Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty that won’t make you snore. We promise. by Libba Bray A Great and Terrible Beauty is young adult fiction, which we know because it Bray’s first book in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy is a page-turner.

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She felt very real and I could relate to her more than I have done with main characters in other books. On the one hand, you’ve got these Victorian teenagers drinking and discussing sex graphically from a pretty well-informed perspective at a time when revealing an beautyy was considered scandalous. Rissi Tumblr is the worst Aug 27, So what can you trust?

I got most of the way through this, and then found that I just didn’t care. The one good thing I have to say is that it was a fast read, and for all my complaints, not quite awful enough to abandon. Great girl power and unusual magic. Author Libba Bray discusses the current status of the film on her webpage. I definitely recommend the audio if you feel like picking this book up.

I can hear the swoons of teenage girls everywhere.

Finally, I have to try to articulate my irritation with the writing. Bary I loved this book. This book is both everything I expected and also everything I didn’t expect.

See all 11 questions about A Great and Terrible Beauty‚Ķ. I’m glad I didn’t. As the story progresses, drawing to its predictable and dissatisfying conclusion, it becomes clear that Ms Bray has mistaken style for subtance and that her prose is not stylish enough to support this terrkble.


Dec 12, Drew rated it really liked it Shelves: The story is this: The ending didn’t quite work as well for me as the rest of the book, but perhaps I was simply reading too fast by that point.

New York Times Best-Sellers. With every thing beautiful, something dark, horrible and nightmarish comes forth. Though these Victorian girls wander about with decidedly un-Victorian sensibilities and though Ms Bray makes a weak attempt to decry the injustices of a society so quick to condemn terriblw expression of feminine sexuality, the story itself does not support this modern take grdat the Victorian era.

Gemma leaves her home in India to go to a boarding school in England after her mother dies.

A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1) by Libba Bray

It was so scary–the walls even attacked people! And when Pippa has her seizure while the girls were practicing waltzing under the headmistress’s supervision, naturally it was Miss Moore, the avant-garde art teacher think Brat Roberts’ character in “Mona Lisa Smile” or Miss Jean Brodie who was conveniently present why?

It’s fairly well written, it has an interesting premise though the execution falls flatthere are a few genuinely funny moments,and it will probably appeal to the intended audience. View all 27 comments.

Be aware, there was a definite erotic edge to the book. Members of the Order could open a door between the human world and other realms, help spirits cross over into the afterlife, and also possessed the powers of prophecy, clairvoyance, and what was considered the greatest force of all, the ability to weave illusions.


The back stories behind them are well planned and thought out. May 03, Terrlble rated it liked it Shelves: A Great and Terrible Beauty is neither great nor beautiful, though it is indeed — wait for it! I loved the juxtaposition of Victorian England, colonial India, and the fairy world.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

And said MC was referring Goddess Kali to an ‘evil goddess’. This one didn’t work because there was nothing new or imaginative about the story, and the whole book just felt The year is and our story follows Gemma Doyle, a young woman from a wealthy Greaat family who has spent her entire life thus far growing up in India.

Oct 07, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it liked it. The pace is swift, the finale gripping. Finally, it was a little racy, which I thought was pretty awesome for a YA novel. The start of a trilogy, A Great and Terrible Beauty resolves enough to serve as a standalone but leaves an evil character’s identity and its heroine’s future open for the sequels.

A Great and Terrible Beauty – Wikipedia

Karen Kimbrough I wasn’t sure at first if I liked it or not. Not forgetting a carnal longing, which is far more unfamiliar to these once girls who find themselves becoming young women. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.