InfoIcon Technologies provides akelos development. Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform. Our developers provide cost-effective. This means that the Akelos PHP Framework is the ideal candidate for distributing standalone web applications as it does not require any non-standard PHP. Apr 16, Akelos is a PHP framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the MVC pattern. Being port of Ruby on Rails to.

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Akelos PHP Framework – PHP Developers

Akelos is built with internationalization in its core. Your Akelos based applications can run on most shared hosting service providers since Akelos only requires that PHP be available at the server. A new manual, fraework a better Ajelos interface are the main priorities right now. Update your patch and reopen the ticket. China tires development China kiosk development China development short. Our partners also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you.

Akelos Development, Akelos PHP Framework, Web Application Development

That’s the data model. Code base reduced from 16MB to 9MB. Moreover, to manage global applications, controlling requests and responses through a controller and to communicate models and the database using frameaork conventions is some of its main features that generally attract the client to opt for Akelos framework development. Not exactly what you want?

Akelos PHP Framework Ruby On Rails Developers

As an example we will create a simple phonebook that submits data to a MySQL database. Of course Akelos is not Rails, simply because Ruby is thank God framewofk that!


Coding multilingual applications, building complex relationships within models, distributing databases changes within your development team, building Ajax interfaces, unit testing your code and many other aakelos tasks for PHP developers are really simple to accomplish when using Akelos. Download in other formats: Akelos Brief overview Name: Share your well-tested change Sanity check the changes you’ve made: And one of the main reasons for choosing Akelos is that it makes coding fun and lets you focus on solving user problems rather than wasting your time in repetitive technical annoyances.

On the other hand, many PHP developers have moved to Ruby because PHP lacked a hyper-productive and fun-to-use framework like Rails for building complex applications.

If you want to modify Akelos or fix a bug you’ve run across, there’s no faster way to make it happen than to do it yourself. It speeds up the creation of complex web applications writing less code.

Akelos uses template files that have helpers for adding forms, fields and data loops, to generate PHP files that in fact render web page – the building unit of a website.

These frameworks were not my ideal of an Agile development environment, so I decided to brew my own solution. There are a lot of frameworks for PHPperhaps too many: PHP developers farmework want a more enjoyable experience writing applications. Keep an eye on the ticket and address concerns that arise.

Akelos PHP Framework

Attach your patch file. Akelos and Rails do not implement ACL like Cake does, as that is a business logic component that varies too much from one case to other, it has no place inside the framework.


Companies and developers looking to sell or distribute their applications without requiring special deployment configurations. Make a test-driven change Add or change unit tests to prove that your change works. The ones that are available do pretty much the same as in RoR. Development teams that require a method with a few simple conventions to ensure that team members will understand the work done by their peers. There are certain additional features of Akelos that include.

After that point, whenever Fraemwork had a problem to solve while coding my customers applications Ajelos turned to Rails and they usually had the most elegant solution available.

Did you include unit tests for all the framework classes? Until now we have not dedicated time to promote Akelos, we just used it for our internal projects and we have been adding features as needed without a fixed roadmap or advocacy.

You can help by submitting Documentation Tickets if you: Get Akelos ready for patching Check out the latest source: Akelos source-code repository, development wiki and bug-report system Akelos is available open-source under the LGPL license.

The class name is singular, camel cased e.