Jul 12, ”Man,” as Anthony Storr observes in his new book, ”Solitude,” ”was not born for love alone,” and solitude sometimes has a great deal to be said. Solitude by Anthony Storr – Originally published in , Anthony Storr’s bestselling meditation on the creative individual’s need for solitude has become a . A review of Anthony Storr’s Solitude: a Return to the Self.

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Personally, I really rather identified with this book.

Storr is not, in my opinion, romanticizing deprivation and its impact on the development of the artistic temperament.

His argument is that Solitude can be and often is a positive force in one’s life, and offers rewards at least as satisfying as finding a mate. It was NOT an exploration of how solitude fueled creative minds, but a depressing litany of all the artists who were neglected, imprisoned, exiled, znthony institutionalized.

Lots of great material to dig into here — it feels like this is just another spot on the tip of the iceberg of a subject that fascinates me: Though utterly miserable, it never occurred to him to complain to his parents, or attempt to run away, because boarding school was then a fact of life.

This has never been more true than it is today, insollitude digital age. The Hunger of Imagination. Had I known that, I doubt I’d have given it a try. While most readers will be able to find plenty of useful validation for their own need for solitude, the book would be more useful to a lay audience etorr the uses of solitude in everyday life addressed directly and with examples to whom readers might relate more easily.

Storr grew up to be kind and insightful, yet, as his obituary states, he was “no stranger to suffering” and was himself allegedly prone to the frequent bouts of depression his mother had.

A number of honours were granted him in appreciation of his contribution to psychiatry and literature.

Solitude | Book by Anthony Storr | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I was very disappointed in this book. The sense of unity or harmony with self, others solotude the universe is far more complex that Freud’s sexual and pleasure principle or regression. Although man is a social being, who certainly needs interaction with others, there is considerable variation in the depth of the relationships which individuals form with each other.


Storr stuck it for nearly two years, then solituee to be moved, thus effectively ruining his prospects for advancement within the psychiatric establishment.

There are so many ways to get it and there is no need to be desperate about it. A Return to the Self.

Storr, Anthony: Solitude – Book Reviews – House of Solitude – Hermitary

anhhony The author refers to concepts and goals of previous sections of the book – even mentions upcoming areas that will be addressed later – and it all just flows really nicely. Fortunately, he provides enough information that even if one is unfamiliar with the details of, anhhony example, Wittgenstein’s philosophy, one can still get the point. Nov 16, Michael Perkins rated it it was amazing.

Aug 01, Sarah Silitude. All human beings need interests as well as relationships; all are geared toward the impersonal as well as toward the personal. The main message it holds is that a person can make their own satisfaction and happiness. Storr is telling you, steadily, with each new chapter building up his evidence, that solitude is just as valid an approach to creativity and greatness as sociability.

The books were translated into 24 languages, including Korean and Malaysian, and Storr was especially charmed when Solitude was translated into Chinese for the republic of Inner Mongolia. This is an essential book for the psychology of solitude. There is so much more antnony experience and a lot of the wonders thinking, discovering, creating, observing the mind can only be done in solitude.

Solitude Trade Paperback It seems pretty Some of these reviews disappoint the hell out of me in terms of their reflection of how some modern people tend to read books.

Solitude: A Return to the Self

Storr tells us why, and inspires us along the way. Selected pages Title Page. It is pretty subtle, it doesn’t overtly package its message within a lot of bells and whistles like most commercial books today do.

All but two of his 12 titles have remained in print and, while sales were steady stoorr the UK, they did particularly well in the United States, where Solitude soldcopies. Abbiamo solo bisogno di cambiare il modo di vedere le cose. Apr 07, Ani rated it really liked it.


Ele observou que pessoas criativas eram predominantemente solitarias, nao desenvolviam relacionamentos pessoais maduros, mas nem por isso eram infelizes strr neuroticas, embora haja um numero consideravel de depressivos ou bipolares.

Solitude is related to this feeling. He does not argue against the importance of relationships, but rather suggests that a balance of relationships and interests, proportioned according to the individual’s unique needs, makes for the most balanced life and the best chance of achieving “happiness.

Storr’s examination of the value of solitude and the role it plays in both creativity and the development and preservation of mental health embodies a warmth and humanity rarely found in psychoanalytic literature. We need connection, and we also need solitude, atnhony online conversation is neither solktude those things – but does it feed the need to create in some way, or is it more of a false nourishment – all the comfort of basking in inspiration, with none of the impetus to actually create?

Storr is a psychiatrist as well as a talented writer and researcher.

The desire and pursuit of the whole must comprehend both aspects of human nature. Extraversion and introversion applied to solitude.

Anthony Storr

He served as a member of the Parole Board and the Williams Committee on Obscenity and Film Censorshipand his need to penetrate the mysteries of deviant or violent behaviour was apparent in his books on Sex ual DeviationHuman Aggression and Human Destructiveness His love of music and literature, together with his medical and psychiatric training, enabled him to bridge the “two cultures” defined by his friend, Snow.

But the book often limits itself to some specific circumstances for example: Lucid and lyrical, Storr’s book cites numerous examples of brilliant scholars and artists — from Beethoven and Kant to Anne Sexton and Beatrix Potter — to demonstrate that solitude ranks alongside relationships in its impact on an individual’s well-being and productivity, as well as on society’s progress and health.

For nearly three decades, readers have found inspiration and renewal in Storr’s erudite, compassionate vision of the human experience—and the benefits and joy of solitude.