Sustaining Growth Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Letter to Shareholders Board of Directors Management Committee Corporate Functional Structure Corporate. Financial Statements for the financial year ended 31st March .. In view of these factors, the future for the Indian Textile Industry. I have great pleasure in presenting the Eighteenth Annual Report and. Audited The year was a year of global recovery from financial crisis. The.

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Financial statement, income statement and position statement are the outcome of accounting process.

The study has the following objectives. Profit before Tax for the year is placed at Rs.

BHEL has also established itself as a leading supplier of state- of-the-art propulsion equipment to Indian Railways for 3-phase drive HP electric locos, HP diesel-electric locos, electrical multiple units, etc. Net worth of the company has gone up from Rs. Krishnan, who was appointed as Director HRw.

Directors Report of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

During the year company has sub-divided existing equity shares of face value of Rs. Net worth of the company has gone up by 8. With a view to making systems reeport effective and transparent, Vigilance had carried out regular surveillance checks and system studies during the year Inter Unit Rajbhasha Scheme has been introduced to increase the competition amongst the Units and Divisions in this area.


Official Language Implementation 1. Lectures and interactions with various eminent personalities, expert speakers on relevant topics varying from RTI, Fraud Risk Management to Ethics and Values etc. The Board of Directors place on record their deep appreciation of the valuable services rendered as well as advice and guidance feport by Shri V.

Sustainability is an integral part of the company”s strategy. The method of least squares cab be used to explain the linear and non linear trend i.

Analysis of Financial Statement www students3k com | Pradeep Bhatia –

Presence in select segments of the industries sector, and the Railway. Comparative statement Analysis The interpretations are also printed graphically using trend line graphs and sub-dividing bar diagram.

Knowledge of ratios only is meaningless unless it is also found how it is made up. Financial tools such as schedule of changes in ratio analysis, least squares, comparative statements have been used for the purpose of analysis. One of the major initiatives was to start pilot reprt of e-procurement in select Units of BHEL.

The Hershey Company and the Tootsie Roll Company both are companies in confection industry; they specialize in a wide variety of chocolate candy products. With a view to create awareness about procurement and works policy, rules and procedures etc. The concern is required to develop an effective inventory management system. However, company’s own ahnual places performance of the company in ‘Excellent’ category for FY It is very helpful to internal managements, discharge of the basic managerial functions.

Ravi Kumar, Shri C. Unaudited standalone financial results for the three months ended New 2010-1 this website? Department of Electronics, Govt.


It is calculated by dividing current assets by current liabilities. Dube has been appointed as an Additional Director w. Whereas, the security of the most of the Plants of the Company which are categorized in ‘A’ category is being managed by the CISF, in some plants, the Company has its own Security.

Bajpai, who was appointed as Director Finance w. It is the most common ratio for measuring liquidity.

Balance brought forward from the previous year n Profit available for appropriation i Dividend including interim dividend ii Corporate Dividend tax incl. Profitability ratios measure the overall performance of the firm by deterring the effectiveness of the firm ingenerating profit, and are calculated by establishing relationships between profit figures on the one hard, and sales and assets on the other.

Sustainable Development Sustainability is just a natural extension of the way BHEL sees itself and its responsibilities. Finance costs 51 j Profit before tax k Less: Prasada Rao also held the additional charge of the post anual Director E. It helps to ascertain the financial condition of a firm. The result of efforts to improve safety are gradually becoming anhual as there has repotr a marked improvement in safety statistics in recent past.