Publishers’ Weekly describes Blame It on Paris as “a frothy French confection”, and Booklist calls it “hilarious a fun, frothy tale for anyone who has ever. Laura has spent most of her adult life avoiding serious relationships, flitting And only weeks before she’s scheduled to leave Paris for good?. REVIEW: Blame it on Paris by Laura Florand love the way your redneck Georgia brothers pronounce his name) uncles’ farm outside Paris.

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And when they meet each others family, it was fun to see the South though the eyes o Fun little chick lit book. Can an insecure American woman find happiness with a sexy Parisian waiter even if she doesn’t like the French?

They go together like grits and escargot. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I enjoyed reading this, I just wish she’d written characters loosely based on her own life and named them something totally different. She’s from small-town Georgia. I think anyone could enjoy the book regardless of personal experience, but floraand particular, for anyone who’s ever had to deal with the bureaucratic implications of a dual-nationality marriage and melding families across cultures, there is SO MUCH extra humor and resonance to enjoy!

Wow, I just had time to think, and then the menus were on our table, and he was gone to bring somebody a bottle of wine. Unless she comes to her senses soon, she could end up ruining her life paeis a beautiful romance. BUT – and I am extraordinarily jealous Ever read a book that made you fall in love with the person who wrote it AND an entire culture that is not your own and you never had any leanings toward previously? Actually, I didn’t finish this book.

Her writing is gorgeous, as in all of her books, and ohhhh, the descriptions of Paris both the good and the bad!

Booklist Review

I have to hand it to them. From the street, we could barely make out the faded gold name swirling above the door and could see only a crowded bar through the glass front window. There were parts of the French I didn’t have a clue about but I doggedly tried to see it in my mind. Even those first few chapters, though, are still filled with sparkly writing, a strong sense of humor and vivid and gorgeous flornad, and the rest of the book is just flat-out, undiluted joy.


Comic transnational romance ensues. Florand did very well. I enjoyed the second part of the book ot, where their families visit each other e. Also, no guy is as perfect as the love interest who has the same name as the author’s husband as well as the author and heroine’s names being the same, and they met in Paris They go together like grits and escargot.

She is pushed by her friends to leave him a note and what follows is not only their love story, but also how they fell in love with each others’ families.

Blame It On Paris

Every time I read one, I get the same historic facts, the same visual descriptions, the same complaints and the same ;aris landmarks. This book was a slow starter, with the author describing her trips to a certain restaurant repeatedly. Probably one of the reasons why I got bored with is because I’ve read far too many stories that are in Europe. Also, no guy is as perfect as the pairs interest who has the s When I first started reading this book, I loved it.

This is a I very much enjoyed all of Laura Florand’s Pparis series books and so was excited to read her memoir of living and loving in Paris. It was the perfect comfort read for this weekend. I had very high expectations for this book. The cultural differences alone are enough to kill any relationship, even if Laura wanted one.

A Polynesian style armband of a tattoo peeked out from under the short sleeve of his pressed black shirt as he pulled the cork from the wine, hard muscle flexing just a bit to hold the bottle steady as he did pariz.


Blame It on Paris, by Laura Florand | Booklist Online

If this book had been a fluffy contemporary romance, I’d have probably enjoyed it more. Apr 30, Misti rated it liked it Shelves: Is she really that insecure? The reader is with them as they navigate work, Ok, as you can tell, I really like Paris stories. The object of our conversation stopped by glorand table. The family stuff was so great. Onn 28, Tama rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a good thing it wasn’t expensive, otherwise, I’d completely regret buying it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

May 13, Chris rated it really liked it.

This just entirely made me feel like reading a brochure thrown with a love story. The rest of the book shows her process of growing up, actually getting to know and be included in French culture, and realizing just how wrong all of her initial stereotypes were. The humor that is usually in her book was present here and by the time I was done with the book I was pretty happy with it despite all of ups and downs.

It is ironic that she ended up with a Frenchman when she had quiet a negative opinion of them.

Since I myself had an intercultural romance that led to several weddings to the same guy on different continents, I totally got all the funny cross-cultural mis-communication, fears, and bureaucratic government dealings. Made me want to whip out my passport, head to the airport and get on the first plan to Paris. It’s written in a chic-lit style but is a memoir about how the author met her French husband and how they got married.

Dec 21, Brandi rated it did not like it.