From the Publisher: With full-color maps, secrets of the game direct from Square Electronic Arts, and bonus items for hardcore gamers, this title walks players. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Brave Fencer Musashi. Help for Brave Fencer Musashi on PlayStation. More help, hints and discussion. : Brave Fencer Musashi Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides) () by BradyGames and a great selection of similar.

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Strateyy to follow the path, then run right until you see a pole. It lets you dig holes in the ground, and lets you fight off strong winds. Also, you should find Leanman in this maze, as well. Here, you need to use the Fire Scroll to light the three torches with the Fire Scroll emblem on them on the platforms surrounding the central area.

Instead, you have to assimilate it. Here are the shops in Grillin Village, and what they carry. Now go right and shut off valve 1, now go right again and shut off valve 2. With 13 total Minku, you can get HP more from catching them and taking their berries.

You might want to stick to the Wind Scroll for this part not to hit the eye, mind you; a plain ol’ swing with Lumina holds the same power as a spinning hitso you can avoid being sucked into the eye which does some decent damage.

In Somnolent Forest, on the other side of the gulde pipe. Touch it, then use the rock salt to melt it down. Go through the door on the left, then go down the room, then out the top-right door.

Some guids just say climb twinpeak and go to Jon. Charge up the Wind Scroll and hold down T. Even so, it’s critical for most of the puzzles in the final dungeon of the game. Pokemon News and rbave Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you.

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Brave Fencer Musashi [BradyGAMES Strategy Guide]

In the Upper Mine, right next to the entrance. Use Earthquake to knock the boulders over, and into the pit. He has a fondness for duels and rice balls. You can jump with the raft, and actually have more control when doing so. Sounds like Vambees in the church Unfortunatly for Allucaneet, the king and queen were absent at the time of the attack. Everytime you find one of these and free whoever is inside, your BP will increase by 5.

The inn’s three main rooms also take 8 hours, and vary in effect. Go ahead and open it. After doing this, go south, and look for a treasure chest. At the start of chapter 4, you can reach it after activating the Water Crest in the room, and using the Water Scroll to walk up there. It allows you to walk across water, by putting you in a bubble, which protects you.

The next room has rotating blocks, and lots of Sphere Bats as well as one of the game’s only Flying Vambees. Ride the blocks up this can be quite tricky to doand make your way to the exit. To get to Bevealy, assimilate the Hopper, and bounce your merry way over the thorn bushes. Here, you’ll find yourself in a room that’s decidedly not safe. Have you located and opened all available treasure chests?

Once you’ve got the tree, go back up the pole, and go right by swinging from pole to pole the brage that are sticking out of the Mountain side.

Once you hit all of the switches, you have quite a task ahead of you: Except for the one monster that guire have to use it on, this move is utterly useless. After getting the Bincho Field, go back to the village, then go and find the farmer’s house.


He’s off to the left of the entrance to the old mines.

The Frozen Palace is huge, but not hard to navigate. So, once again, use the Sky Scroll, and fly over the spikes until they retract, then drop like a rock, and move on to the next area.

The priest will reward you with a statue of an angel. Go ahead and go down there. The area you’ll find yourself in has a cencer of conveyor belts, and can be a bit tricky to maneuver in.

Brave Fencer Musashi – Walkthrough

Use the Memory Box again, then speak to the bartender to get your health replentished. Now hop into the opening toward the end of the path, then take each flying platform to get to the top of the wall. You can get hit three times and still make it to the other end, but if you take a fourth hit, you have to start the rafting sequence over. I found them extremely easy to dodge, for the most part.

I blew it up with two Grenades, but your results may vary. Plus, fencwr does nothing for Fusion’s range. After you have beat him go up onto the platform and save your game, then leave the room. A valve timer adds another level of challenge, so that if you can’t reach the next valve in time, you have to start over.