I approached Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook without a forensic eye, I wanted to be entertained and to see what a good short ghost story could do. Canon Alberic’s Scrap-Book has ratings and 20 reviews. Bill said: My first reading of “Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook” will always hold a special place i. Ruth Rendell doesn’t believe in ghosts, of course, but MR James’s stories, like ‘ Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook’, frighten her nonetheless.

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He was bending forward with outstretched sceptre, in attitude of command; his face expressed horror and disgust, yet there was in it also the mark of imperious command and confident power.

Canon Alberic’s Scrap-Book

He flew out of his chair with deadly, inconceivable terror clutching at his heart. At first you saw only a mass of coarse, matted black hair; presently it was seen that this covered a body of fearful thinness, almost a skeleton, but with the muscles standing out like wires. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He himself, though still shaken and nervous, was almost himself by that time, and his story found credence with them, though not until they had seen the drawing and talked with the sacristan.

Last century, I suppose. He glanced up at the sacristan to see if his face yielded any hint that the book was for sale.

On the way the curious irresolution and sudden determination of the sacristan recurred to Dennistoun, and he wondered in a shamefaced way whether he was being decoyed into some purlieu to be made away with as a supposed rich Englishman. And, though the drawing he saw is no longer in existence, there is a photograph of it which I possess which fully bears out that statement.

An email arrived yesterday that Stratford Festival Ontario has included The Crucible in their program of plays. Thanks for telling us about the problem. albdric

Bertrand delivered a man whom the devil long sought to strangle. Most likely her father has been wearing it for years.


Canon Alberic’s Scrap-Book by M.R. James

Shall I live an object of envy? One extreme of the line being the pure ‘chiller’: The verger offers to walk Dennistoun back to his hotel.

The door is opened by the verger’s daughter. He had taken the crucifix off, and laid it on the table, when his attention was caught by an object lying on the red cloth just by his left elbow. The left half of the picture was the strangest, however. Albeic at dawn the little man had come to the inn on some pretence, and fanon listened with the deepest interest to the story retailed by the landlady. So they set off. Gilman it is, then, friends. Though with no great depth to it, I found it quite well-shaped and, though not very high on the ‘creepy’ factor, it had a certain amount of building menace.

James well to get acquainted with his work, as it’s a very short entertining and chilly tale which has included all the main elements of a classic Jamesian short-story. Vandals sacked SBdC in ; the Burgundians razed it in and it was then deserted for half a milennium. Smee Reader rated it liked it Dec 30, It was not in the personal appearance of the little, dry, wizened old man that the interest lay, for he was precisely like dozens of other church-guardians in France, but in a curious furtive or rather hunted and oppressed air scrapbbook he had.

How St Bertrand delivered a man whom the Devil long sought to strangle. In order scrapnook carry out this design satisfactorily, it was necessary to monopolize the verger of the church for the day. Shall I die in my bed? Scrapbpok landlady had manifested a particular interest in him since he had told her that he had paid a visit to aberic sacristan and bought an old book from him. I like very much how this story moves along.

He absolutely refused to be alone for the rest of that evening, and he told me afterwards that for scrapbok nights he had not dared to put out his light before going to sleep. Is anyone else reading this? Below the plan were some lines scraphook writing in Latin, which scrapblok thus: He suspects that another twenty pages in the scrapbook come from a manuscript that was believed to have been completely lost in the 12th century.


It’s James’ first ghost story, and it has its weaknesses. In the spring of an Englishman arrived at this old-world place — I can hardly dignify it with the name of city, for there are not a thousand inhabitants. And that combination of being visibly camon but still in good enough condition to buy goes perfectly with the Gothic. These are good and have gone some way to filling in the gap in my horror reading collection.

One remark is universally made by those to whom I have shown the picture: She brightened up considerably on seeing her father accompanied by an able-bodied stranger. It is described with creepy intensity, and has no end of creaks algeric seem to be putting the verger off. Pale, dusky skin, covering nothing but bones and tendons of appalling strength; coarse black hairs, longer than ever grew on a human hand; nails rising from the ends of the fingers and curving sharply down and forward, grey, horny, and wrinkled.

Ruth Rendell reads ‘Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook’ by MR James | Culture | The Guardian

There is perhaps just a bit too much build-up for my taste, but it’s typical for the time and the actual scarpbook part is quite well-done. Although it is curious that the demon seems to haunt whoever holds ‘title’ to the book suggested by the selling rather than simple giving-away of the book.

Peccaui et passus sum, plura adhuc passurus.