Can anyone help me with finding an operating manual online for a la Cimbali junior?. Discover La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso and cappuccino machine: designed and built for those caterers who have limited space at disposal. Available into. -i-have-got-it-pdf-thtml parts diagram there too.

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I think home brew shops are the best sources of the large amounts of citric acid youll probably need. It would be good to get to the coffee stage before Xmas!

Boiler looks to be stainless, so planning on a citric acid bath. I am missing a lot of junkor, and sometimes I am not getting any coffee in my cup. That big grey sensor in the computer box of the non plumed versions.

Only those people who need to use your personal data for relevant purposes shall have access to it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

La Cimbali Junior Use And Installation

Group assembly is not too bad. If the machine started service in California, it’s not unlikely they jjunior it to the first owner. Does this look the same as your version?


Java “Loves his Cimbali! Is there another way to fix it?

Cimbali Junior Rebuild

Chef’s Mark 14 in La Cimbali Junior R My point was not so much about stress — but the fact that inside nanual boiler there is 2 bar of pressure. Ross Keen Level 3 Expert Answers. The amount of corrosion is usually very small even though the effect looks quite dramatic. Just working out if I can get a temperature probe in my level probe hole of vac break hole so I can fit an internal embedded PID controller.

The time now is Keurig Special Edition B My kingdom for a workshop manual! You can withdraw your consent at any time. I would keep going.

Need service manual for La-Cimbali Junior S/1 Expresso Ma

I put some la Cimbali stickers and badges in it also, so you can have a look what u like the manuql. Ive never held it upside down like you said, so no water could have ever got in to it.

I think this is a lesson for young players – its almost impossible to loosen threads which have been scale cemented cimbzli this way – even after 2 days in a strong acid bath.


But when heated, boilers are that 1 bar, PLUS an additional 0. Anyway the machine seems to be in good conditions, so I think it’s a great score.

La Cimbali Junior Rebuid Nice new pump and valve. Started pulling it apart for cleaning and repainting. The main difference is the installation manual covers programming starting on page Never found one, and I opened lots of junior boilers Seeya guys. Would it be possible to adapt it to fit? After an extended jinior due to longworkhoursitis, I have recently been able to refocus on Chumly.

La Cimbali Junior Rebuid With regards to holding it up like a cup You are missing the group handles also, But I will arrange these becouse they should be with the machine. Website use — information relating to the ways in which you use the website and open or forward our correspondence, including information collected through cookies for more details please consult our Cookies Policy. This Wiki recommeded link – http: