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As for the rgb pins it’s really up to you,what I did was cut the traces. Page 1 of 1. Tue May 19, 5: Yeah, the 10uF cap was probably too big, hence why it took longer for the voltage to load up to affect brightness. Of course, you can use whatever you want. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there are 4 things total I need to do: Tue May 19, 6: Sure that isn’t a comb filter or something? Any general guidelines to know if it even has a chance of RGB being added?

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I want to clear a few things to avoid killing this awesome tv set. Fri Dec 08, Im assuming its the 3 pins 25, 26, datasyeet for YUV in that get switched to rgb since it looks like i only have 1 set of input on the chip.

For the blanking pin you don’t need a pot as cza2154as set should have a diode in place so just run 5v from your set or scart and keep the pin in circuit. Mon Dec 31, 1: And what exactly did you do wrong there? If the readings show the tubes do look like they could use some love, don’t get greedy.


Once you have done this you should be able to enable the scart option in the service menu. You don’t want to short it to ground but from experience that wont kill the set, the big no no is cutting that pin and just leaving it.

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Tue May 19, 2: If you represent a supplier and want to include your information here, please contact us. XML product data for Sony Never trust those old rubber seals. What the deal with this sets PIP? Fri Jan 15, 4: Sat Dec 23, 3: I don’t remember who commented here that you can’t use the main GND for grounding the scart female plug that you need to use digital gnd or something?

Wed May 20, 9: It’s called l2fil on a cxa dagasheet. I was a bit unsure what pin im supposed to feed 5v to to turn the rgb lines on.

Did you do this? Fri Jan 15, 2: Sat Jan 16, 9: You can always try using Luma as a sync source to get around the processing delay of C-Video. Tue Dec 26, Thu Dec 28, And the YS fast blakingis that pin 44?


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You probably need to just step away and do some thorough research. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to pull this off and I couldn’t find good solutions for this online. Extrems, Google [Bot]rama and 9 guests. Okay, yeah I see where you’re coming from.

The beautiful cylindrical-shaped tube sort. I just drove to the blue mountains for one of these sets ffs If you do get hold of a rejuvenator, remember to follow the instructions carefully and make sure to test the tubes throughly with it first, before going anywhere near any rejuv or even restore functions. Tie pin 40 high to a low voltage source 3v-5v when you want to enable datasneet RGB input. Take them out of circuit, and tie 75 ohm resistors to ground to match impedence for the 75 ohm load, and add a.