Daughter of Fire has ratings and 16 reviews. Fascinating, although long and repetitive, diary of Irina Tweedie’s training with Bhai Sahib, her Sufi teacher in. Irina Tweedie: Daughter of Fire. Dec 1, In the West the sun was setting in a sea of shimmering golden clouds. The whole world seemed to be illumined by. Irina Tweedie – The Chasm of Fire ().pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File This account was later expanded into “Daughter of Fire” (), which is its.

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Her heart responds to the essence of his words but her mind is still sloshing with anxiety and confusion. If you suffer from fear or some sadness, it means there twdedie still attachments to get rid of. If I do, you will get used to it and daughher never be able to do without my help. Once we have reached this point within us, we do not need anymore factional support.

Nyingje rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Remember, we are not given for ourselves, never; we are given for others.

My If Guru Maharaj was a Muslim. Even God would not have created the heaven and earth if He had not been urged by an irresistible inner necessity… For Rumi… life is nothing but a product of the will to live, and ever dissatisfied with the present equipment, life creates new desires, to fulfil which new organs come into existence.

Prior to visiting India, Irina speaks tseedie little of her past. Her protestations are loud but the Master knows it is for her own good:. Why should I fear?


Never, not even in its young days had this body known anything even faintly comparable, or similar to this! It means complete surrender. But gradually, the path of love begins to arise within her, fkre feminine mystery starts to overflow.

Agustin rated it liked it Feb 18, But what is manas? It was just the desire, for no object in particular, just the desire, per se, uncontrollable, a kind of wild cosmic force… I sat there helpless, shaking with fear… Good heavens, what was happening? Something which seemed intangible, unattainable, slowly, very slowly becomes a permanent reality. Fird the time was right, the book was there, the money to buy it was there, the time to read and absorb the words were made easy and abundant.

With unashamed honesty, Irina Tweedie records her thoughts and emotions as she embarks on her path of self discovery.

Through the ensuing days and months, Irina is tossed upon the tidal waves of ecstasy and pain; for every drop of understanding, there is a fweedie of unmitigated ignorance. He also demands that she hands over to him all of her income as a test of her dependence on money. The sensation was painful, but the inexplicable thing was tweedke the idea of intercourse did not even occur to me… The body was shaking, I was biting the pillow so as not to howl like wild animal.

Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master by Irina Tweedie

He radiated it; it was all around us and it seemed eternal. Skimming through the repetitive long descriptions of her nights of suffering, physical pain and oceans of tears no sign of mental training to control her mind Lists with If Book.

To ask other readers questions about Daughter of Fireplease sign up. Without the slightest indication that it may be coming, I was flooded with a powerful sexual desire. In the end, its actually an amazing read. There are so many fige paths in the world, and this book reminds me of the commonalities between all of them.


Daughter of Fire : A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master

Nevertheless, he continues to taunt her: If I speak, you speak and never, never must you complain… This is the door, the only door to the King of frie Heart.

Reading it, she realized that what Bhai Sahib and Rumi were saying were identical. There was no imagery; only an uncontrollable fear, primitive, animal fear and it went on for hours.

I liked Irina’s vivid descriptions of the Indian household life that revolved round this Sufi Master. Tweedie was the first Western woman to be trained in this tradition, and above all I admire her rweedie.

There is a lot to be said for the Naqshbandi Sufi path which combines yogic teachings, Kundalini, non-dual Sufi teachings of Hafiz, Rumi, and Sarmad, as well as dream interpretation. Raughter beloved guru never missed an opportunity to test out her understanding.

Irina Tweedie: Daughter of Fire

By the time we reach frie twentieth century in the West, the belief in an immanent Reality for most people was on shaky ground. Jun 12, Sandra rated it it was amazing Recommended to Sandra by: A wild howling of everything female in me, for a male.

Irina would treasure this experience for the rest of her life.