Katalog Druckfedern. Artikelnummer. A u ß e n d u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) D ra h td u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) F re ie. L ä n g e. (m m.) F e d e rra. Sehen Sie den gesamten Katalog normierte Federn Katalog der Firma KERN- LIEBERS TMG auf DirectIndustry. Seite: 1/ Right now, you are in our. PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION division. Here you can experience everything about EIBACH. Performance Springs · Performance.

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Wie wir seit Jahren. You achieve true perfection once you are well-versed in your craft. After years our craft has remained consistent and true. We strive to create the best in the products we build, just as our customers strive to create perfect treatment results. Our heritage in invention and problem solving remains strong. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products to help them succeed — all the way from the Black Forest to your practice.

We believe that innovation is constant and we need to be always blazing new paths forward. Our German heritage is well known for designing and precision manufacturing.

We value our partnership with the dental profession and share a passion to help continuously improve the standard of care they provide their patients.

Our supply chain reaches over 80 countries worldwide and on all continents. We are focused on developing innovative products by listening to the orthodontists we partner with.

All around the world our customers have a deep appreciation for the profession they practice and for which they require the best products to practice with.

FEUERHERDT – Ihr Spezialist für Kontaktfedern

More than years, our customers count on us to deliver those products! The company’s quality management system complies with the requirements of legal regulations for manufacturers of medical devices and the international stan- dards: Als innovatives Unternehmen wissen wir jedoch, dass die Entwicklung nicht stehen bleibt.

All our brackets are of druckfsdern available in both of these systems. However, as an innovative company, we know that development is an ongoing process, which is why our range also includes a druckfedeern of exceptional systems such as the Physio Dynamic System by Dr. Die McLaughlin Bennett 5. Verbesserungen, die stets dem von den Dres. John Bennett nun die neueste Version ihrer Brackettechnik vor.

Andrews, has repeatedly undergone modifications and adjustments. Improvements that were always in line with the life goal of Dr. John Bennett are xruckfedern presenting the latest version of the bracket system.

Die Roncone prescription The Roncone prescription Dr. Roncone uses active brackets to achieve a highly aesthetic and stable result without using slot-filling techniques. This enables particularly gentle treatment, and as a result, enhanced patient comfort.


The FACE Group understands orthodontics as a speciality whose purpose is integral oral health, in addition to aesthetics. Therefore, the aims of a stable functional occlusion, in addition to dental and facial aesthetics, are goals that cannot be waived.

Over many years, the group has accumulated a vast amount of clinical experience, which has been backed by clinical studies and evidence. Nothing has changed in the philosophy they defend.

It is still the guide that focuses FACE on attain- ing their aims. The most attractive advantages at a glance.

The clip has two different opening mecha- nisms. You can either open it from vesti- bular or from gingival. A reinforced clip reduces unintended deformation through incorrect opening.

When the clip is opened gingivally a notch on the pad margin guides the probe automatically to the clip. The clip is closed in the standard way by applying gentle finger pressure. Besonders in kli- nischen Situationen mit starker druckfedenr Bogenauslenkung, wie z. Das distale Umbiegen des Drahtbogens kann nun extraoral erfolgen.

Well rounded bracket and slot edges as well as contact ribs in the bracket slot ensure controlled force transfer with minimal fric- tion. Binding and notching, which often occurs with conventional brackets, is prevented by four ribs within the slot. As the archwire only rests on two contact points in this case, it has greater clearance and therefore ensures friction-free sliding. This in turn accelerates integration of the canines. They eli- minate the need for laboriously threading the archwire into the conventional molar tubes.

The distal bending of the wire can now be performed extraorally. Maximised bond strength thanks to hook-based design. The sideways toothing ensures optimum retention druckfederm supports simple debonding. So kann ein weiteres Kraftsystem aufge- baut werden, um z. According- ly, an additional force system can be set up, for example to enable use of an overlay archwire or for indirect anchoring strategies that use druckfecern screws.

Right Left Slot. Right Left Right Left 1. Cases with molar brackets. With hook style bracket base and hook.

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Also available on druckfeedrn Also available as cases 7 — 7: With the 2nd generation of FACE the torque values on premolars was changed to achieve a better root position in the bone. Right Left Right Left Slot. Right Left Right Left B B B B 1. Bitte geben Sie an, ob Sie diese Option bevorzugen.

But keep in mind: Please indicate if you prefer this option.

Minimale Friktion — aktive Kontrolle beim Behandeln. Minimal friction — active control during treatment. Die Herkunft ist eindeutig: The origin is clear: This enlargement of the slot provides greater clearance for the archwire, which in turn greatly reduces the friction of the archwire in the slot. The greater clearance of the archwire in the passive slot is more beneficial with dia- stema closure when using large archwires than active brackets that have less clear- ance in the slot.


This produces more rapid diastema closure, as the illustrated treat- ment example shows. The original correct midline Fig. Rotationen, wird auch im passiven Slot ein unterdimensionierter Bogen an der Klam- mer anliegen. With extreme tooth movements, e. The flexible clip actively supports tooth movement in this case. The clip is passive with archwires up to slot-filling dimensions of.

Collar style opening instrument, double sided.

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QuicKlear only to be used from vestibular! Einfach zu handhaben, preiswert und ohne Labornotwendigkeit. Diese Brackets stellen eine lohnende Erweiterung des Praxisangebots mit nur geringen Anfangsinvestitionen dar. Easy to handle, reasonably priced and no lab costs. This bracket system is a cost effective way to introduce lingual orthodontics into any practice. Through the special self ligating wings the archwire can be easily inserted from the occlusal. The clip can be easily opened from the occlusal with a special explorer and closed with the Weingart-Ultralight wire plier.

Clip Optimised clip assures a better wire control and easy opening. Round wires with a maximum diameter of. Basis extrem flach gebaut. Thus they are hardly noticeable for the patient and the ability to speak is not affected. Excellent biomechanics The bracket is bonded close to the centre of resistance and therefore offers excellent bio- mechanics for tipping and rotating teeth.

The first treatment phase can be achieved remarkably fast. Body made of translucent ceramic with rounded edges for excellent intraoral comfort. Four-wall slot is designed with a particularly low profile to precisely guide archwires with a height of. Metal-free holding mechanism for the slider – for optimal aesthetics, even with nickel intolerance.

Rounded slot inserts and four contact ribs in the slot reduce binding and notching. Inverted hook base ensures perfect mechanical retention and reduces the risk of enamel fractures. Slot fitting wide locking slider made of discolouration-proof ceramic for good rotation control. The bracket is available for the upper and lower Splitter- und bruchfrei zu entfernen: Das spezielle Pauls-Tool macht es einfach. Removed without chipping and fracturing. The special Pauls-Tool makes it easy.