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As a consequence, fashion designers focusing on reflecting the local, popular culture and a Brazilian identity have been promoted since then. In spite the fact that Brazil has continental dimensions, diverse ethnic groups, providing an incomparable cultural diversity, and the fact it is one of greatest economies in the world and part of the BRICs, there is a series of problems holding back its creative economy.

This articulation has allowed approaching questions related to the economic development, changing roles of territories in the productive process as well as the social dimension of production, organization and distribution in this New Economy 2.

Sobre desafios, os impasses e as perspectivas de um Brasil Criativo. It was not different for the games and fashion segments. In the underground scene, the Casa dos Criadores was created to be an event to discover young designers and new markets, using alternative spaces.

The Brazilian digital games industry is an emerging sector, composed of small and medium size companies highly dependent on imported software.

The problem of outsourcing is that it does not create intellectual property returns.

Creative Industries in Brazil: Analysis of Specifics Cases for a Country in Development

Figure 1 shows the geographical distribution of both industries. To many governmental administrations, culture is still considered superfluous and a luxury, occupying a lesser priority position in the public expenditure. Plano da Secretaria de Economia Criativa: These lowly qualified professionals mentioned above would have the opportunity to increase edutal skills to deal with computational tools, digital automation systems, intensive use of data, and new business models.

However, the impacts of the fashion industry, in terms of creation of employment and income, cannot restrict themselves to its creative core, due to its importance to the chain as a whole. The chemical industry, for example, can be directed to better production of inputs, weaving textures or colors.

It can be understood as a set of policies and actions directed to make established sectors more dynamic, such as music, audio-visual arts, plastic arts, antiquities, performing arts, craftwork, publicity, games and apps, architecture, editing and publication of books, design, fashion, TV and radio, cinema, gastronomy, cultural heritage both tangible eidtal intangibleet cetera.


As Fleury et al.

Those courses provided a more comprehensive repertoire nacine the students, expanding the participation of fashion in the productive chain and also integrating women nacine the academic formation In some cases, technology parks are created within educational institutions in partnerships with other entities. As we observed, the opening to international markets has promoted a national production strongly focused on the values and creativity of the Brazilian identity, which it is still hard to notice in the digital gaming sector.

The content production demands allocation of time and financial resources, but the dissemination of such content costs almost nothing. Fashion is now a part of Brazilian Cultural Patrimony. It was hence subject of a quick modernization [33].

We also discuss the possible interaction of these sectors with each other and with other sectors of the creative economy, as well as the producer-consumer interaction as a way of fostering development and innovation networks. In a study on the CCIs in the United Kingdom, they ratify the effects of overflowing and the presence of knowledge spillover effects coming from the CCIs to other sectors of the economy.

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In the metropolitan areas, there are a good number of young adults with high educational level and fluency in English. This increases the capillarity and brings together customer and developers, often anonymously, transcending the concept of a local market into a global one, which has contributed to reduce the number of links in the gaming and apps value chains.

Between andthe Ministry of Culture MinC flourished, expanding its activities, including towards the creative economy 5. On the other hand, it stagnates with the slowdown of the economic activity level between and The majority of the Brazilian developers run small businesses, with an average of 8. The participation of workers with this profile has increased in the period previously mentioned.

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Yet, in US dollars, it remained stable. Regarding small companies, there is no change between the two extreme years of the series, except for an increase of almost three points in the subsectors of wiring and nacine. In addition, the textile industry, which had reorganized itself since the s.

In spite of these punctual initiatives, it is not possible to identify a clear public policy to the sector, encompassing regulation and an industrial policy that promotes international competitiveness. The characterization of the pieces of clothing and textiles can also be a factor of strengthening of the external market, given that the specifiers of the exported pieces and accessories diminish the susceptibility of the exports to the price, to external competition and exchange rates; contrary to the common clothes and textiles, proper of the production focused on quantity and low cost.


The Procult credit line also covers digital games. In terms of enabling a business, there is little preparation, making it difficult to start a professional life. Even if the tally of activities that are part of the CCIs is variable and depending on the idiosyncrasies of different countries, a consensus has been forming in the economic literature concerning the impact of the CITs on these segments, i.

This diversity mirrors, among other factors, the geographical and social divide of the space where it develops. Newsletter de Fim de Ano. Without losing sight of the international literature on the nature and dynamics of the CCIs, in the s, Furtado [20] wrote that the freedom to create is part of the concept of development itself and it is an input for the social transformation, constituting in a way to face social inequalities.

With the liberalization of imports in the s, the Brazilian textile industry was negatively affected. Bakshi, McVittie and Simmie [16] also emphasize the role and the strong presence of the creative industries in the innovation systems. The qualification of middle class young adults is sometimes explored by the international market through outsourcing to Brazil services related to games development. They bring into contact brands whose creative products have good quality but that have problems to reach international markets.

They organize major events and promote interaction between them and the most diverse segments of the Brazilian economy. TEL Most popular papers.

The average wage is much lower than in the digital games and apps sector, with a great emphasis on the subsectors of clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery, and bijouteries. Related to the demand for cultural and creative goods and services, there are many problems concerning the formation of audience, plus insufficient financial and infrastructural resources. Each one uses regional characteristics to show the cultural diversity of the country, creating a productive capacity that improves the visibility of groups of production previously limited to handicrafts.

It marked the professionalization and growth of the sector.

For this reason, we describe the sectorial development in respect to the creation of employment, income, emphasizing the actions and policies directed to two segments, games and fashion, through information provided by secondary data.