This post is a review of Fiorinda Li Vigni’s recent biography of the French Hegel scholar Jacques D’Hondt, originally posted on the discussion. In this post, I discuss Jacques D’Hondt’s book Hegel en son Temps (Paris: Editions Sociales, ). There is an English translation by John. Professor Jacques D’Hondt () was professor at the University of Poitiers and an expert on the philosophy of Hegel. He was introduced to Hegel’s work.

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His motives are disputed: Hegel mentioned Jacobi as a liberal in a letter to Victor Cousin.

Hegel in His Time: Berlin, 1818-1831

Hegel praised Frederick II Phil. Henning became more reactionary, but only much later under Eichhorn. Hardenberg valued education as part of his political strategy, but left this task to Altenstein, who invited Hegel to Berlin as Professor of Philosophy in He was the author of Polens Untergang and became a deputy in Some of the persecuted individuals bore witness for Hegel.


Some of their letters, e. Its economic basis is weak and it misrepresents reality through idealism and mystification. He promoted unification of the Kacques churches.

It must have been obvious to the police that Hegel sat opposite hebel, not at their side, in these affairs. Some of the evidence he provides is circumstantial and thus not convincing in isolation, but the account of Hegel’s close relationships with several Prussian reformers, three of whom edited volumes of the first collected edition of his works, extends our scholarly picture of the Prussian politics of the day and Hegel’s relations to its leading figures.

Under a sketch by Wilhelm Hensel, Hegel wrote: Posted by Stephen Cowley at There were many writers against revolutionary ideas. Students and professors were affected by hefel sanctions. Edouard Gans was allowed by Hegel to teach philosophy of right from Religious freedom was an issue for Protestants in Bavaria. I have jacqyes him well worth reading. His question then, is not Hegel in his time. There is a conservative element to the dialectic.

Rosenkranz naively talks of a clandestine visit of Hegel to a prison by boat. Both Marx and Engels often cited Hegel. Page references are to the French edition.


Hegel opposed anti-semitism, teutonism and individualist anarchism. Arnold Ruge, the future editor of the Halle Annualswas sentenced to prison in Hegel admired the Girondins, the Code Civilconstitutional government and property rights. In the course of investigations, Cousin had to admit to meeting various German political figures in Paris, Switzerland and Germany. Let us uacques at them in jacquess. He was not asked to join the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Cousin had been denied any official post in France since He was an active freemason. It was foreseen that political power was to pass to the upper middle class.

Hegelian News & Reviews: Hegel in Berlin (Part Four) – Jacques D’Hondt

This move had been rumored for some time. Eichhorn replaced Altenstein as Minister of Education. Fries was younger than Hegel.