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The rays of divine grace shattered, upon striking my heart, as arrows of marble against a rock.

For eighty-four years that flesh that was dissolving was my only defense against the Infamous One. Sometimes we are moved by passion and we think that it is zeal.

666 ; Juana Tabor

In that instant your will can direct your destiny. There would not be many in the crowd that filled the three naves that understood his sermon because he gave it in Latin. Do you not know that when that Name sounds, all the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell must kneel? All that you do contrary to obedience, even to the suffering of martyrdom, is bad.


Draw Tabof sword, O Lord. That will, or rather, that feeling, because the young Levite must be transformed into the flesh of his flesh, in a sort of instinct, which at the beginning of his career could be nothing more than a cold obedience, that adherence to Rome is what makes him a living member of the Mystical Body of Christ.

To repent is iuana humble oneself, a thing utterly impossible in the miserable condition in which my soul finds itself. He opened rabor window and breathed to the depths of his lungs the golden breeze of the evening. Cuando pensaba en la muerte me aterraba, y hubiera dado mi fortuna, mi fama y mis libros por un solo grano de humildad, la semilla del arrepentimiento. Catherine of Genoa that we should flee spiritual pleasure more than the devil himself because they entangle men and from them is born spiritual self-love with the appearance of good infinitely more dangerous than the carnal love, due to its being the root of all evils that can aflict us in this world and in the next.


God awaited him with infinite patience. He had been born the first day of the XX century having reached, therefore, the age of 78 years. The stubbornness of eighty years, transformed into final impenitence, is as a polished bronze wall that surrounds the soul and absorbs the final assault of mercy, shaking, oh the contradiction!

The vocation of a priest rests upon two pillars. Los friars did not pull up its immense, useless trunk because, in juanq sterile branches dwelled the doves of the bell tower and because they believed the ancient tradition that that tree would bloom again in the spring in which the last Pope would die, that is, on the very eve of the Second Coming of Christ.

The rigorous Gregorian Rule did not extinguish his spirit. I have the sense that I bear within myself all the energies of a new belief.

I was mad with blasphemy and sacrilege. Poets, philosophers, princes, women, fainted in admiration at the most trivial of my mockeries. Then he knelt and kissed the sandled feet of the old man. En ese instante puede tu voluntad fijarle el rumbo. Here is the original Spanish: They sacrificed their youth; they left behind the imperfect liberty of the world and purchased the liberty of Christ that consisted in submitting themselves forever to the will of another.

I feel myself a priest unto the marrow of my bones, but I have received from the Lord a divine secret: Pero si era nauseabunda la fetidez de mi boca, era incomparablemente peor la hediondez de mis pensamientos.

But if I was nauseated by the fetid odor of my mouth, the hedonism of my thoughts was incomparably worse. In order to mock the Infamous One I communicated sacrilegiously many times in the presence of my servants and my friends applauded me and imitated me. How can one renounce virtue?


Seiscientos sesenta y seis – Hugo Wast – Google Books

But if you were to see the hardness of those who had sinned against the Spirit; of those who had despaired; of the witty who feared not to blaspheme in order to get a laugh; of those who sold out to pride in their final hour; of the apostates. The Church of today is only the seed of the Church of the future, that will have three circles: Later, in the refectory, they gathered again, twelve in all including the professed friars and novices, and since it was a great feast day, the cook added to the boiled tails and the lettuce with oil, that were their ordinary fare, a piece of grilled anchovy and a jug of beer.

In the final instant of my life, when, to alleviate my thirst I filled my mouth with foul excretions and I released that frightening shriek that is told of my life, when my eyes became fixed and all thought me dead.

Oh, the misery and contradiction of my pride! The bell calling the friars to choir shook him from his trance. He rarely, if ever, went out of that very old mansion that was his monastery. I have laughed at men juwna that they would not believe in the divinity of The Infamous One.

No less than thirty-five years passed. If he had given it is Spanish, there would have been even fewer that understood it.