Çanakkale, Sarıkamış, Kadınlarımız, Kara Yılan, Büyük Taarruz, Süvarinin Türküsü, Kiziroğlu, Söyleşi, Cerenler, Bir Çamşıhı Türküsü. Listen free to Nazım Hikmet – Kuvayi Milliye Destanı. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Blacksnake: karayilan. This is a small part from ‘kuvayi milliye destani-fable of independence war- (Nazim Hikmet)’ It is again my attempt.

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Antep is hot Antep is a hard place Men from Antep make good shot Men from Antep are brave people But the enemy had cannons Inevitable, faith, They were going to leave the plain to the enemy. Greetings with best wishes for a new year from the snowy Ankara You are projecting your fears, negative Their agenda laden criticism of my Turkish Poetry and Literature. Their skewered and agenda laden criticism of my father undermined my t Turkish Class on Twitter.

A black snake appeared Behind a white rock Its skin was shining Had red eyes redder than fire Its tongue was forked. They made mincemeat of the heathens in the hills. They can shoot a flying crane from its eye, a running rabbit from its back foot and they look like thin, tall cypress trees on Arabian mares.


His shelter was a rose bush He was laying there on his front. Sicak bulutlar dolasir havada ileri geri Kirmizi kayalarda yesil kertenkeleler.

When the enemy entered Antep They took him down from a tree, which was sheltering his cowardice. His cover was a rosebush. It dug up the earth by the roots. You are projecting your fears, neg The blood of Antep flowed. Nothing could be done, it was fate: Enemy is holding the hills What was flowing was the blood of Antep.

KARAYILAN (kuvayi milliye destani) -blacksnake-

Because he had never been taught to think. And suddenly A bullet came from nowhere And took its head off And the animal fell over dead. Men from Antep make good shot. But the heathens had artillery. Antep is a hard place.

Kuvayi Milliye Destanı-Nazım Hikmet tickets.

Before he became blacksnake, Blacksnake did not care if They gave Antep to the enemy dstani. The bush was so tiny and his cowardice was so great, He was laying there on his front, without pushing even a single bullet into his rifle.


User Stats Online users: They gave him a horse and a rifle. And on their Arabian horses they sit tall and slim as young green milliue.

Ruhi Su:Seferberlik Türküleri Ve Kuvayi Milliye Destanı (1971)

Register – Forgot Password – Resend Activation. Antep is a hard place Sometimes, hot air comes and goes up in the sky, And green lizards on red rocks. He lived like a field rat.

Enemy is holding the hills. People of Antep got stuck on a flat land Enemy was pouring shrapnel. You have a preconceived notion Leo S: Turkish Class on Facebook. Blacksnake, Before he became blacksnake, was a farm labourer in villages. Men from Antep are brave people. He lived like a field mouse, scared as a field mouse.