Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister. Lajja (Shame) is the live depiction of the ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh. The Dutta family living in Bangladesh all their lives refused to live the country in spite of. Directed by Dayal Acharya. With Haradhan Bannerjee, Raja Chatterjee, Dipankar Dey, Rajatabha Dutta.

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Lajja – Wikipedia

Apakah para ulama negara itu lupa bahwa negeri ini berdiri di atas keberagaman? Just after Babari demolition in in India, nos of riots been happened in Laija, India and Bangladesh.

This is the time we should ask our self that: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Why not United Nation and so-called secular group gang up against this reducing figure? But not on Instagram I guess.

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I read the book cover to cover, hoping that there would be some redeeming factor, but what little story there was appeared to be merely an excuse to lo The true shame is found in the fact that this vitally important topic is lost in the pedantic, repetitive recitation of the horrors inflicted upon the Hindu Bangladeshi by Muslims — pages and pages and pages of the stuff.

After reading Lajja, I am not surprised that Nasrin was shoved out of her own country. This question boggled his mind and he thought that may be because of such silent approach of India, World and Islamic republic turning Hindus communal. This is a great novel indeed.

See all 5 questions about Lajja…. Contohnya, padaketika terjadi penghancuran Masjid Babri di India oleh para penganut Hindu, berbuntut kerusuhan komunal di Banglades. Regarding disputed land, I’ve always believed like Suranjan that all religious places should be destroyed and houses for poor, orphanages, hospitals, schools etc- in short something actually useful should be built in their place, and if you have enough land for that already, sell the land and use the money for charitable purposes but am against destruction of worshipping place of one religion for building that of other.


This is a story about the Duttas, a Bengali family living in Bangladesh and their struggles during the communal riots inwhich started when the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was demolished by a mob of Hindu fanatics. A great topic and point is taken in this book, I really appreciate courage of the author to write in such darn conditions. Let the edifices of religions crumble, let a blind fire consume all the bricks in temples, mosques gurdwaras and churches, and on those ruins let us grow enchanting Gardens of sweet-smelling flowers and build schools and libraries.

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Is having nonviolence and theory of Vasudeva kuttambkam is crush upon India and Hindu it which has to be pay back by suicide of Hindus. Sampai kapankah idealisme itu mampu tetap dipertahankannya sebagai prinsip hidup? There are a lot of facts and figures shown by author, might in intention of showing the effect of this shameful event, but it is the thing, which takes away the charm from the book’s content and its motto, it gets iterative and sometimes even boring.

Let humanity be the other name for religion. He eventually came up with a remedy as he thought something else. In fact, Nasrin too, as a feminist writer condemns violence against women.

Lajja: Shame

Flying the flag of religion has always proved the easiest way to crush to nothingness human beings as well as the spirit of humanity. May 25, Deric rated it liked it. As nation is a lanja entity, so is the body of the woman which is marauded, tortured and abused simply because the narrow nationalistic and fanatic mindset views it as an extension of the former lajjaa causing what has been discussed above as double marginalization of the women.

Penulisnya kini hidup di pengasingan, berpindah dari negeri satu ke negeri lain dengan ancaman kematian di setiap kemunculannya.

The novel follows the disillusionment of this father and son about their country. Hindus don’t get licences to start business except when it is in a partnership with a Muslim. Kiranmayee as a faithful wife stands by her husband’s views.


Babri Masjid demolition, under whatever justifications, is undoubtedly the single greatest failure of our democracy and secularism. India is not an isolated island. A feminist writer denounces treatment of women as objects of lust, physical and psychological violence. The demolition of Babri Masjid in India led to the brutality and torture of Hindu families in Bangladesh, and particularly the women who were not only demeaned but also inhumanly brutalized, tortured and raped.

And decided, it’s time to revisit this controversial text that shows how one event across the border can affect many. Leave Your Comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Books by Taslima Nasrin. This incident takes a communal turn due to the vested interests of the communalists and religious extremists, and leads to mass genocide and religious persecution of the Hindus, and in turn, causing a mass exodus of Hindus into India. Kironmayee is the rock of the family and the only one who didn’t seem to have romantic notions about sacrificing herself for her land.

It must be available. Sudhamoy, the patriarchfeels that Bangladesh, his motherlandshall never let him down.

Lajja -The Shame () – IMDb

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Father and son share the same nationalistic spirit, but Suranjan, who lacks discipline and shaje, has turned into a loafer. But secularism in the new found nation was a grey line, or it became one over time, with the declaration of Islam as state religion and rapid Islamisization of institutions. One rarely feels involved with d characters. Another problem is that this incidences are being mentally listed by characters in their mind and orally recited to each-other, as if they have crammed all this information like news channels reporters do.