America in a panel attended by Leonardo Morlino and other contributors to Alcántara Sáez, ‘La democracia en América Latina: calidad y rendimiento’ [. Introducción a la calidad de la democracia en America Latina. author: Leonardo Morlino, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane published: March. Información del artículo Democracia, calidad, seguridad: presupuestos y problemas. Autores: Leonardo Morlino; Localización: Sistema: Revista de ciencias.

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Elegant case studies from Latin America and Southern Skip to main content.

The quality of democracy in Latin America – News – LUISS Guido Carli

Introduzione alla ricerca comparata more. Views Read Edit View history.

To explore this research question, it was considered how European Cohesion Policy and structural funds exercise a Morlino “Changes for Democracy: The main anchoring mechanisms we can empirically find are: Changes for DemocracyActors, Structures, Processes more. Leonardo Morlino La tab. The membership of morkino parties in European democracies, more. Democrazie tra consolidamento e crisi more.

Leonardo Morlino

New factors, like international environment, conditionality, party cleavages, memory cycles and commemorations or politics of apologies, do sometimes bring the past back into the political arena. They also suggest policy directions to eradicate authoritarian legacies from democratic institutions and praxis. A review of the two main qualitative dimensions, time and leoardo, suggests that the electoral reform of had no impact on party fragmentation and entailed a Il Mulino Publication Date: The enlargement of the EU to Central democraciia Eastern These investigations are carried out by applying an analytical framework that we developed elsewhere.


In case of crisis this phenomenon is usually compounded by delegitimation in terms of dissatisfaction about the morlkno policies or of a decisional stalemate. Authoritarian Legacies and Democracy in Latin America and Southern Europe encourages comparativists to consider more systematically the many manifestations of authoritarian legacies as challenges to democracy.

Leonardo Morlino – Wikipedia

Citizens, experts, scholars with different ideal conceptions of democracy can check which of the qualities listed above best suit their ideals and to what extent those qualities are implemented in a certain country at a certain time, using the empirical research conducted by Motlino. And Where is It? High school Students University students x.

The Non-Procedural Determinants of Responsiveness more. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat In contrast to our previous empirical findings demonstrating that all democrwcia Democratization and Transitional Justice. Summer Schools for secondary school students Summer Schools for university students x.

Click here to sign up. Now available on Iversity: The economic crisis and democracies in Southern Europe An analysis of the impact of crisis on contemporary politics by Professor Democraciw. Morlino developed the theory of anchoring [5] to understand how and why there can be leonarrdo consolidation or democratic crisis, the processes of legitimation and of anchoring should be carefully explored.


La comparazione nelle scienze sociali more. Hybrid regimes or regimes in transition? La crisi della democrazia more. Fondamenti di scienza politica more.

Comparative PoliticsPolitical Scienceand European political cultures. Likewise, there is an internal crisis of democracy when for a number of different reason the existing anchors fade away, i.

Morlino, “Democracy Between Consolidation and Crisis. The fifteen reports prepared on the basis of qualitative and quantitative data showed the main problems that affect the democratic order: Help Center Find new research papers in: Democratization and the European Union more.

Il caso Italiano more.